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E-Mail from A Turkish Lady Fan

Sun ,20/02/2011

E- Mail from A Turkish Lady Fan


 Dear Majıd,


 When I see the scenes on the Television, and frankly what is being revealed is the true cruel mean streak of The Arab Leaders that one NEVER saw before or thought was there in just imaginations – but would not come out in reality!

 To be honest too, I didn’t know which way the Arab countries are being managed.. I used to think that, why these countries are not powerful as much as we want to see.. why they are silent years by years to the world.. Why their people cannot connect each other.. but I did not have enough information about the authorities of these countries.. I see now.

 They are writing the history now. These happen are the things which are late.. It would be better if these all happened 20 years ago.. anyway, I still have not enough information about these things, but I am trying to understand.  I hope everything will be better. .. for the middle east part of this world.

Deleted …..

 God bless you and your family…

Love ND