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Sun ,28/08/2011

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A Final Say On My Books!

Wed ,11/05/2011

Between Us Only!

 A Final Say On My Books!

 Or Good Men Need To Do Something Now Before It Is Too Late For Everyone!

This is something that I have always said before and particularly in my columns here and in my last book A Cry For Help! See also

When good, forthcoming and courageous people do decide to go silent then it is like a cinder fire that will continue to burn down underneath quietly and to erupt into a bigger uncontrollable fire – and most likely at least unexpected and inopportune times! I am hoping and praying within me that we have not reached that stage yet – and communication lines are still open!

In my book A Cry For Help! I had talked about some FEW misbehaving expatriates – and this is what had been said –  (1) A frank, honest, open and call-a-spade-a-spade no punch-spared, no barrels held stuff and no frills play book exposing the increasing lack of ethics, principles, professionalism and tolerance – plus increased radicalisation, extremism and fundamentalising of the Offices environment and in similar to the overall similar fast changing facts of the ground in the region- October 4, 2009.

 (2) The Author hastens to add – That not all expatriate  managers are to blame. “Most of them are impartial. But there is a tiny section that have a low opinion about locals and recruits. Though they are few in number, the damage they cause is tremendous!” (And has been done already!) 

Remember the book was written in 2009.

Yesterday Tuesday I got a similar call from this time another Bookshop (see below) selling my books – the same I said before of another bookshop before in my book.

Seems nothing has changed much – despite everything that is going around in our country now and in our neighbours – and in the Arab World too.

I had said in  - D.01.01          The Rather Most Annoying And Abrupt Bookshop Indian Assistant Response To The Author.

 I had sent a chaser to one of the Bookshops selling my books in the three bookshops here in Oman, to see if any books were sold – and if sold – how many?

 After starting politely with a Sir – he (Indian Expatriate) went on to say – There has been no sale so far (after only a month) and if this situation will continue, we will definitely remove your books from our shelves and stock other books instead.

 So I replied to him – I – as a Local Omani citizen and writer of books in English and two in Arab Management – am devastated and completely disappointed in your response. After a month only – you have already decided to stop supporting us Omanis in local talents, innovation, entrepreneurship and human resources development in this country. How many local Authors you know that write in English?

The ironical and sad part was that they were not that cooperative in displaying and in promoting the books – and there were some small sales from determined buyers. However, when it came to payments to me it was a slow and painful process too!

 Yet still the bookshops are fully stacked of foreign Authors that may not be selling either. So why target us only Omani Authors? Because we speak THE TRUTH you do not want to hear and support?

 With very few exceptions (like this esteemed newspaper and one local family run bookshop), no one is supporting us The Omani Authors – especially if you write out on The Painful Truth – and not drawings, art, cookbooks – and of course butterflies, animals and castles in Oman. These ‘foreign bookshops’ and their local partners even advertise on behalf of foreign authors!

  I think it is high time for me to clam up now finally – and let things just take their own natural course. My head already hurts in banging it against brick walls and people that have decided just not to hear me – as in my book – A Cry For Help!

 Take Care!

 By Majid Al Suleimany

 Wednesday May 10th 2011