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The Week – Issue 135 – October 2005.

Our Correspondent

The Week talks to Writer Majid Al Suleimany about his recently released book Between Us Only!

Majid (Photo) Drawing on daily experiences.

Human Resources Professional Majid Al Suleimany describes his recently released book Between Us Only!, a collection of columns he has written for The Oman Daily Observer as ‘messages to the people of Oman’. Using his personal experiences, Majid has written on a variety of issues like ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’, ‘The Tsunami Disaster’ and ‘Cynics and Sceptics’ among others.

‘I would like the Omani people to move ahead in the world while maintaining our traditional values. I hope to help in this process through my writing,’ Majid said. The Writer, who enjoys watching documentaries and reading about world politics, says that he writes mainly on socio-economic issues. ‘Since I am in the human resources field, I also like to provide pointers on topics on how to prepare their CV. I also write on articles in Management and Human Resources which might be of help to the Society – and working environment in particular’.

Majid hopes more Omanis will begin writing in English. He said ‘It is very important to inculcate the reading habits in the youngsters and the children for our future. Parents and teachers have a huge role and responsibility in it. Schools should conduct essay competitions regularly so that children can improve skills in literacy, writing, reading and of expression. We need to improve fast and rapidly our generation reading habits in line with the global village and the rest of the world’ – he added.

The book is available in all bookshops in Oman and soon in UAE.