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Why You Should Buy My Management Books?

Sun ,20/06/2010


The Author of these books is an Omani National (GCC) and  a Human Resources and Management Expert, Professional and Consultant with over 10 years experiences and exposures – and with also on top of it all 25 years in all functions in Human Resources, Management, Training and Development and in General Administration in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) – the largest Oil Company in Oman.

 The books are written from personal experiences and exposures.

He has now authored 5 books, 2 of which are in Management (Psychology of Arab Management Thinking and A Cry For Help!

If you are a CEO, MD, GM, Director, Board Member, in The Leadership – you cannot afford not to buy these books to avoid costly and high damaging mistakes and errors in judgement and decision making – especially in the now troubled, hard and difficult times we are in now – and especially in dealings with the Local Omanis – sometimes seen as being ‘sensitive and not too exhibitive of their true feelings etc…

Remember it takes only one mistake and or error to destroy years of built up rapport and cordial relationships.

The opportunity like this will never come again… that is the truth – just as the books are revealing and showing untold new facts and truth on the grounds



Special Delivery of My Books!

Thu ,17/06/2010

Fast Track Special Delivery of The Books from USA and Canada – The Books Publishers.

 For More Information and Details – please visit  – Please Forward To All Your Contacts…

Dear All ;

After Compliments;

I am pleased to inform you of the receipt of the following few copies direct from USA and Canada; as follows:-

  •  Special Hard Cover – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – OMR 17/=
  •  Special Hard Cover – The Sequel – Between Us Only! – OMR 14/=
  • Soft Cover (Normal)   – A Cry For Help! – OMR 19/= (Hard Cover OMR 22/=). 

If you need signed copies, prepared to do that with Free Deliveries (Muscat Only)..

 It feels great that USA has come in to Help an Omani Author and Publisher of Management Books – whilst our own have turned the other way or pretend to have noticed the call and cry … Really Shame on Us!

 Please support Human Resources Development, Talents, Innovation, Self-Employment etc in our Nation by real action and deeds in buying these books from me directly – or through Family Bookshops, Borders and WHSmith (Turtles) in Oman.

 I am indebted and grateful to The Publishers.

 Best Wishes and Regards,

 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

 Mobile / GSM +968 95207511 / 95116953