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Received Feedbacks…..

Tue ,13/07/2010

Received Feedbacks – Young Omani – Male (One)

 Dear Majid

 I regret to say He is Right?! .. but keep saying and writing the same till last day of your life. don’t go low as he said, however keep the level and go higher each time. There are who listens to you and try to apply for better life.

 I bought and read your books too. However being Omani I won’t say go low because I am still optimistic and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

 Muafeq be’ithen Allah. 

Your Sincerely



Received Feedbacks – Young Omani – Male (Two)

 Dear Majid, 

I am With M… Keep writing let people know the intelligence we have as Muslims & we can say “The History is coming back” all the geniuses in the old days they did the same in that time … Know every one in this small world studying what “Ibn Sina, Ibn Bitar, Abbass Bin Frnass…etc of Muslim Geniuses been done the same … 

Keep it up & Insha’a Allah One Day we will see you as one of them… 


A Personal Advice To You!

Sun ,11/07/2010

July 11, 2010

A Personal Advice to You!

I am Professor        at here University          – and have been in Oman now for more than 6 years (on and off)..

Two of my Omani students have told me about you and about your books as authored by you and about your websites and blogs.

I have bought your two Management books at Family Bookshop in Medinat Qaboos.MQ. The Psychology of Arab Management Thinking (the last copy they told me) and your A Cry For Help! Book.

I have just briefly gone through them briefly. They are well made quality-wise and great works of art and perfection, and you must be congratulated.

There is an advice I want to give you; with due respects.

In the Western world, we have an expression that goes like this – Do not wake up sleeping dogs, or they will wake up; and chase you; and even bite you!

You are far ahead of your times, and your peoples are not ready for you. Maybe in another 15 to 20 years time – and this hopefully.

What I have seen so far; I fully empathies and agree with you fully.

Please take care – and go low for now at least. We are in bad and difficult times, and when people are not ready; they can be ugly and nasty towards you. You are an educated and intelligent person; and you know the validity and the authencity of the advice – and the sincerity it is given to you.

God Bless.