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Wed ,22/12/2010


December 22nd 2010

1……… I hope you are doing well, I really miss you – and our conversations! You are truly one of the few peoples that one can easily connect with.

2 …….It is always easier to be behind the scenes than it is to be in the frontline –

Only few can be like you – Thank you Pappa!

……  Love and   miss you  … My Daughter Marwa – November 27 2010 – by SMS (studying in UK)


Dear Majid, 

Happy new Hijri year. Thank you greatly! You enrich us always with your articles and contributions. I also do appreciate your ideas and suggestions – highly remarkable and commendable always!


Omani IT Project Head – where I sent some of my articles.


I wish you a peaceful and a relaxed time  with your family and be loving friends . 

One thing for sure that your often get us some lovely and valued  real stories which conceal wisdom to enlighten our lives. 

I thank you a lot for your contribution to educate the society, whether directly or indirectly .  

Best Regards

Omani Chief Executive Officer

21 December 2010


….Truthfully you are in an enviable position where some may resent your views and outlooks – but there is nothing that they can do to you adversely because you are out in the open for all to see – and this plane has already taken off from the ground – Literary Person (Indian).


 I liked this one Majid from you – .

**** “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” – ~Alexander Graham Bell

I wish you happy year.


Another Omani CEO


 – It was nice to see that you have compiled all your articles in your books to be reserved for future generations – from a Local Great Literary person


 Yesterday I was calling my daughter – and finding my granddaughter crying for Grandfather had made my day indeed! Being happy is not riches, but the small things in life! (I have 3 granddaughters from my other twin daughters)

My 2011 Resolution – one of them is to stop dealing with peoples that ignore me – and or do not reply to my Emails (or acknowledge) me. So if you are one of these peoples, please note accordingly.

Majid Al Suleimany – December 21st 2010.


What The Bosses Had Said – Saying Goodbyes…

1          Majid is a very caring, kind and spiritual person – a shame and pity that many do not give him the time and the efforts to understand him better – American CEO

2          His coming here was like A Fresh Blow of Wind – now that he has gone the air is more stale than ever before!” – British GM

3          Some time back I met this old European boss of mine who came to visit Oman.  He is now working for a very powerful conglomerate and in a very high position.  He nearly made me cry when he said to me – I knew M the day I had left that you will not go far in your career because of what you are as a person and in outlook. 

But I still have the highest respects, esteem and like for you, in actual case the few I had always remembered.  Because you are a real professional ethical (and courageous) person who had the courage (audacity?) to stand up to me and tell me what I was doing then was actually wrong – not like the others who pretended to go along with me, but behind my back were saying something different to those they ‘really trusted and had confidence with’.

 4          I have a good boss friend of mine.  He tells me this point blank ‘of what is wrong with you’.  Stop caring and feeling – it just does not pay (or at least increase your salary!).  Be rough – hit your heart strongly and just say – I just do not care or feel anymore.  You said your bit – nobody cared to hear or listen, so move along.  Just take care of yourself and your direct family members only.  The others and rest are not important.

5          I had an expatriate CEO once – he told me what? You are giving me just your hand to say goodbye? I cannot have that. Come here! And the poor man hugged me kissing me on both cheeks. That I had to bend my face (he being short!) is another issue, and his hands could not get around me (remember that diet!). The same had happened to me with a lady boss, who I had thought not cared but she did the same wiping her face. I gave her my handkerchief – it was clean anyway! She tells me she still has it – for remembrance sake (do not worry, madam does not read my articles!).

 6          This Indian Peer Manager says to me – Are you really leaving us now? I cannot believe it! But I can appreciate your position – even I am looking for a position outside – have not got it yet! But I will leave – as soon as I get a good offer elsewhere (he left later on!). 

 He caught my hand and kissed it in goodbye. I had never been so embarrassed in my life before – till then! 

7          Always it had been those in the lower rungs that cared more as I left. It was the Indian Tea Maker in Abu Dhabi – the old man cried! Who is going to say Thank You now to me (as he served me tea – a thing that really upset my Emirati National Boss. Do you want me to say thank you, every time you did something for me? What is wrong with you – he screamed to me! 

8          If the machines closed down, it triggered an Emergency Alarm code to The USA CEO in Dubai. So he called The Production Manager – what is going on? He gets the reply – all the Staff have switched off the machines – they are saying Goodbyes to Majid – and escorting him to the gate! Some are visibly upset and angry – some are sad! That includes the Non Omani Staff too. Yet I had come in 7 months back to take over The Human Resources Manager job from an Indian peer – who had been in the position for the last 12 years – till the position was Omanised by me. 

 One of the Indian Technicians pleads – Why sir? Who will look after us now? I was crying all the way as I drove to home!           


Dear Majid, 

I have read some paragraphs of your writing and you have grasped the skills. Now you need to shift to the positive side in your discussion.

 As you know Majid that we are all brothers and sisters, children of Adam and Eve and perfection is only for Allah. We have glories and shortfall, happiness and sadness, easy and difficult time, joy and sufferings and from all of these we continue to live. Imagine having only one side of life like easy life, it will result into weak heart and die earlier.

Suffering, make our hearts stronger and enjoy long life, not mention the reward in eternity as Hassanah. 

Wish you good life and Happy Eid.

 Regards, Omani GM


Congratulations! My Best Wishes For You!

Dear Majid

Thank you for your kind good wishes. I have been blessed to work with great people for the last 8 years. Words cannot express my appreciation at receiving this honor.

I also remember my happy years in PDO, during the 80s, when I had the pleasure of working with you.

With Kind Regards and Best Wishes

British CEO and Managing Director – September 23rd 2010.




Omani Artist 


Majid – You really talk deeply and with great understanding to human nature. You are lucky to be you! – and every word you say is making great sense. I really think you are smarter than doing an Office work only – Omani IT Head.


Great experience and thoughts – We need more few people like you spreading such thoughts and standing on change – All the best – Omani Senior Engineer


 May Allah smooth our life brother .. It will really goes to worse when it come to chasing someone for pending payments as people are not trusted by creditability but by how much you can pay!!! I don’t  know what to say, but anything I can help with? – Omani Oil Engineer



Indeed, I doubt if we will ever see (in my life time) another person like you with such these qualities.

Regards – Omani Senior Engineer.


Most welcome,,  

Yes I know that by time being. I believe that everybody can make his/her life either happy or sad. It is choice and if the Fatalism comes we have to be patient

I can make my happiness by myself dependence on ALLAH.  

And I am happy that I make your day 

Wish you happily – Omani Executive Secretary


Thanks Majid,  For all your kind words and support – when I needed it most! :)Omani Lady Public Media Head..


Hi and Salam Aleikum
Everyone is depressed nowadays. You are not alone! People have problems and they cry without tears and suffer in silence. If whatever you see or hear destroys your mood, believe me you will not be able to live happy in this world anymore. Just watch, see, reflect , ignore and move on.

Of course many things remind us of our past or even our mistakes we have committed  – yet we overlook and move ahead. Majid you won’t believe what is happening around us to people we trust and know very well. And do you see them drooping? No ,not all they pretend as nothing has happen.

You are lucky you have a loving family and a caring wife to go to at night, someone to share with you all the troubles and stand by you for better or for worse. Be strong and face whatever Allah has planned for you.

Everything comes for a reason. So long as you are alive one day  He will open his doors for you. He is always there for us but He doesn’t tell us when Rehma will come to us.

Majid your mother is RADHI (forgiven you) with you for sure. Parents especially mothers don’t want any material from their children. they want love and care and you gave to the best of your ability. Now she is gone, she needs duas and children’s blessings.
Best Wishes and be strong and positive!

Omani Lady Fan


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** Plus so many more! Visit and see for yourself in my various websites….


I will never forget your kindness and support to me. You are my brother. I wanted to tell you about my new job as I feel good. Wish you that Allah SWT (God) Protect you and your family and give Barakat (Blessings) to everything you do – Amin – (Ex work peer – Executive Secretary)


Sorry to blow my own trumpet! Best Regards – Majid Al Suleimany

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Thu ,09/12/2010

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Best Regards,

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