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Winner The US Golden Seal of Literary Excellency 2013

Me In Brief (Short – Summary)!


Me In Brief

 Majid (Magic – Glory) is an Omani Arab National and a Human Resources and Management Expert, Professional, Advisor and Consultant with over 35 years experiences and exposures .

 He has authored 5 books, 2 of which are in Management (Psychology of Arab Management Thinking and A Cry For Help!

 The other 3 books are The Sequel, Short Takes and Between Us Only.

 He is a Columnist with 2 Oman English Dailies The Oman Daily Observer Column of Between Us Only! (weekly) and Muscat Daily At The Workplace!

 He is married with 3 children also married – the last one is a girl in University in UK. His wife is an Executive Secretary, and Majid is himself now early retired.

 His hobbies are Writing, Reading, Internet, Documentaries, Meeting and Interfacing with People, Films etc. 

Majid has a good sense of humour, and can laugh at himself at any time – and is a person who does not beat around the bush – and call a spade as a spade type of person and character. Likeable by many! Hateable by a few!

On a lighter note, how many people you know who have so many websites and blogs all belonging to him?

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 March 11, 2010                  

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman.