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Added Comments – March 2010

If you come to know who are reading your columns, you will come to faint! – Senior Public Official.

It is true Majid!. The problem we are facing here is first people do not appreciate any written matter. They will not read anything especially when it is written in English.  Young generation  that  we  are mainly targeting when we write to help them with their future , do not have time even to open their school books to read. We watch  Television and Yalla Yalla read emails.

Reading is out of Arab society vocabulary – but things might change. In future people will value your books and realize their importance. Do not get discouraged. Where ever you are there will be people who will read them .Just keep on promoting them! – Omani Lady Fan.

*** Dear Brother Majid = Seeing you in your Site, I guess you have been too busy with little time for a hair cut.  I just hope you are not giving up on life… It is not you and it is not in your character to give up. You are a survivor. – Omani Colleague and Friend

*** You should not be surprised for lack of support and assistance to your books – It is all due to The Books Contents. Simply put, we live like ostriches with our heads in our grounds – whilst everything around us are breaking and crumbling up -  but Let sleeping Dogs Lie is my New Motto… You write as a Hobby … and one day History will take your place to see that your works are published …not only in Arabic … but several others too. By that time it will be too late for everyone…..Mark my words…So JUST DO NOT GIVE UP – A Very Good Friend (Personal Advisor).

*** We were really excited for your new website, it had so much potential! – Web Designer

*** Dear Majid – Wish you all the best; I know you can make it. Take care and regards to all – ex Lady Work Peer.

*** We as Arabs in The GCC cannot expect any ‘mercies’ from The Expatriates Mafia Lot especially – and thus the theme of your books. But how many want to know the real truth? They prefer to push the dirt just under the carpet!

But the youth even in GCC are aware and knowledgeable, and even if you wanted, you cannot stop what has already started now.. But I do not blame them – I blame our own who put such Expatriates and the Weak of our own as Decision Makers amongst our midst. The cinder fires are burning underneath – and they will surface up one day. The Losers will be everybody!

The Truth is coming out … and this boat of yours is already out to sail. If it was of a lesser subject like Butterflies of Oman or GCC – it will be supported – especially if The Author is Non GCC!!

I am sorry to be frank and open to you … but only REAL and TRUE friends can stand up and tell you THE TRUTH … before we all lose… and a good thing has gone to waste… Please Do Not Give Up – May God Be With You AminAnother Very Good Friend!

Salam Aleikoom  Majid – Please accept my sympathy, I know how you feel, I went through, some of the same emotional feelings, as you know we still have discrimination in our society, among ourselves, even though our great religion teachings, ask us to treat each other fairly equal, but as you know the teaching of Islam is something great and our practice of Islam is something else!!

 My advice to you, is to be cool, and always pray to ALLAH, and ask ALLAH for help, not the people, that what I do, after that, ask people to help, also

Also do not give up, try…. Try…. Try…  ALLAH will send you Rizek…  Amin – And from Him only! – ALLAH Bless you and your beloved family – A Very Good New Found Friend!
*** Dear Brother Majid – I am delighted to see that you are writing your sixth book – A Novel this time! See – I told you! I know you as Majid who does not give up! That is a Great Relief! Keep up the spirits and Do Not Be Discouraged in Life!

- Omani Colleague and Very Good Friend

*** Dear M – I would like to buy your latest book with your signature – Please let me know where and when – Indian Fan.

*** ….. is my name and definitely Mr. M – you will find place of pride in our hearts and souls. You are ‘touching lives globally’. Thank you for being honest and humble  Yes Sir – I am the same xyz in Mathematical equation. You have an elephant’s memory – Masha Allah (God Bless). Weaving a web of Magic by your command of language. Blessed to be in Oman – Indian Fan.


Psychology of Arab Management  Thinking – Book Comments.

* Your idea to concentrate on Arabian (or more AGCC) Management is very wise and right – because there are very few books written on Management aspects in this part of the world and by local writers. That is why it will get immediate recognition universally and be an educational tool too for everyone who reads it – Omani Human Resources Professional.

 * I will personally support the book and think it is a very good move and ‘you should finish it quickly’. You need to write on yourselves, as there is need for great improvements and achievements in this particular arena, despite noted some improvements lately – 2 European CEOs.

 * First congratulations for your second under developing professional book Part of the problem of Arab Management is the inherited autocratic society we have, and confronted by new Management concepts and innovation believing in freedom of expression, empowerment, delegation, accountabilities etc. and the clash between the two – Indian HR Professional

 * Regarding the proper covering title it will depend upon the focus issue or topic of the book. If the book talks about the local and Arabian prospect management, that is best name title or if the book is global, new title reference should be looked on, the name should be an eye catching name title, so that people will be attractive to it, like the title of the first book – Omani IT Specialist.

* I personally prefer it (the book) to be a global perspective book on the ground that all races would be interested to purchase it rather than if the book talks only on local or Arabian management collaborations – Omani IT Specialist.

* Now think of general issues rather than focus on what is called Arabian Management since the idea of the globalization is the main issue of the entire World – Indian CEO.

 * Please be the catalyst for change. It is high time some Omani local wrote on the book – Several.

* I know of the feeling – DO NOT rock the boat syndrome. But this boat is not just sailing. The Omani way is to go by the tide and wait for your salary on 25 to 27 every month. It is just not enough to expect your salary at the end of the month, and do not do anything in return – British CEO.

* Are you really going to write on the subject? Make me believe you – Omani Accountant.

* To be honest, to see this happening in front of my eyes makes me burn inside. You may face strong local opposition, because some peoples do not want the truth to be told. Please be the catalyst for change in Arabic Management Styles – Indian CEO.

* You should look at a neutral place to publish this book, if you really want it to come out – Several.

* You have my full support on this. Frankly, you are the first Omani to have looked at these issues critically and spoken outside. Let many more voices raise together to make this powerful movement of change across the Arab world – Indian HR Professional.

* See what you are saying is very true, especially for the Arab Manager. He will try to copy and emulate what advancements in HR have reached, but fail dismally in implementation. Best example is 360 degrees evaluation that failed to take off at all in Gulf. So was the empowerment syndrome! – Omani HR Professional.

* I am very happy and glad for you to let me know about your book and I fully agree with you – you must write the book! – Indian HR Professional.

* Fundamentally speaking, this is a topic on which I have been researching a lot on these past few months. Further, looking at a whole lot of topics written on the same as well as UN’s Arab HRD reports, one thing which comes to my mind again and again how this much number of people lies between Illusion and reality? How can hypocrisy be accepted so widely by the population without a single revolt? Being in the HR field for the past few years, it becomes sad for me to realize that none of our friends in the Arab world tries to understand the concept of human resources and the importance of human development.

The very same people who complete their Master degrees and Doctorates in HR do not actually buy the concepts because it fundamentally conflicts with what has been taught over a period of time. With all of this money through oil, can you believe only 2% of the Arab world have access to the internet?  – Indian Senior HR Executive.

* To be honest, I believe that this topic assumes a lot of significance at this stage as the youth of the region are looking for answers. Many of these boys and girls who pass out from universities are unclear of what they should do to make the region a prosperous one – Senior Public Official.

The most important step for an Arab manager is to understand the importance of Empowerment, whether it be your own nationals or expatriates. The expatriates working in this country directly or indirectly contribute to the growth of the region as well. To consider them as people who are taking your wealth is foolishness. They are not the enemy; the enemy is within yourselves as Arabs and Arab Managers. – Indian CEO.

* The fundamental concept of localization is based on this fact that we have to move the Hindis, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who are swindling our wealth etc. This is baseless. I have been in this country for the past 23 years and consider this as my own. However the look I receive when I go to the Ministry and some other places is as if I am here to swindle your wealth – Indian CEO.

* What we need as a Region is a paradigm shift. The Almighty has given the same brain to you and myself and everyone else in this universe. However it is of no use if you do not apply it. What should happen is that there should be the rise of reformers such as you and an open representation in the public. It is really challenging but I believe that something has to be done. The time is NOW, not tomorrow – Indian and British CEOs – together!

Suggestions For Titles – Various.

Please look also at the following titles,

1) Management the Arab Way – An insight into the mind of an Arab Manager

2) The Arab Manager – An illusion proved right?

3) Arab Management – Does it really exist?

4) Arab Management – Is there such a thing?

5) The Arab Manager – Can he empower?

6) The Arab Manager – Torn between Reality and Tradition?


* There are many more things to make the book a realistic and hard hitting one – Omani CEO.

* Let no one be under the illusion that things happening around us are not real. The youth should realize that oil is a resource that can be empty anytime. What next? Back to basics? – Indian and Omani CEOs – together,

* Others too extreme and sensitive to quote – several!

(The Book starts off with a storm already brewing!)