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Comments – Between Us Only Series Books!

Comments & Readers’ Comments – Between Us Only! Series/.

* The writer takes ‘a no hold approach’ in many of his writings with an outlook from a personal perspective, example and experiences – Indian CEO.

 *You will find that you will want to read ALL of them, once you reach the end! – Indian Senior Accountant.

 *Hello Majid – If we don’t comment on what you are writing it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate, no, me my self I believe and enjoy every word you write. The incidents you are talking about have occurred in front of our eyes and have seen people suffer for what they have done. But Majid do people learn from that?. Everyone says “he is stupid. It will never happen to me. If I were him I would….” and they continue with the same what others have suffered from.

 Yesterday I watched Oprah show  and she explained that it is the brain that makes people act the way they act in spite of seeing it is wrong. I’m confused Majid how can we help people we love and surrounding us into seeing things differently? Does power and money change people attitudes or they just unveils them to show their original beings?

Do write we will read. Thanks for forwarding me the nice pieces. I enjoy them. Good bless you – Omani Lady Fan.

 “ The writer takes ‘a no hold approach’ in many of his writings with an outlook from a personal perspective, fresh and in a retrospective view and in examples and experiences – something new and refreshing in Oman (please do not quote my name in the feedback)” -  Head of Human Resources and Development (Large Company – Omani).

 “Where do you get the guts to write such stuff? Please do not quote me!’

 “What you say many of us want to say too, but in our hearts only. You see we lack the guts! – Omani Human Resources Professional (Retired).

 “Let us put it this way. Most of your articles are cautionary and advisory; they expect to sell well. Take it from me and from X – CEO Omani Banker – Indian Senior Banker.

 ‘’ You are the greatest – British Fan (Military Officer)’’

 ‘’ I like most that article about being yourself’’ – Indian – Teacher (English)

 ‘’ How many hits did you get in your *website ( You know there is a way of finding out! – Executive President – Oil Company – * where articles are reproduced.

 “The man has brains, and he shows it too” – Omani Senior Financial Accountant

’Don’t talk to him, he will quote you in his next column’’ – Omanu Director – Oil Company.

 “I take your articles to read at home when I want to unwind and relax; I simply have no time in the Office nowadays!” – Indian GM.

 “I find that I will want to read it all over again, that is why I take it home to read it in the lunch break” – Senior Finance Accountant NFC(Indian).

 “ We better be nice about you, before you write on us!” – Finance Accountant (Indian). An Omani Senior Banker repeated what he just said to both of us!

 “I feel that it feels great to read his human interest stories … The facts, which were objectively outlined, need to be studied in finding a solution to the many problems that haunt families today …must have made a lot of families think twice before getting into certain troubles that lead to disaster …. Such human-interest articles are exactly what we readers are patiently waiting for. Carry on the good works” – by Omani Lady Fan – Muscat – Letters to the Editor – Oman Daily Observer – 15th August, 2003.

 “I enjoy reading your article every week ..” Senior Omani Doctor.

 “You made my day!” – Senior  Banker.

 “I have now become a great fan of yours..” – Indian Girl (14).

  “I see you every Wednesday and say Hello to you – but you do not see me!. I never miss reading your very good articles” – Omani Head Relations.

 “I read your article, and it made me real cry. I gave it to the wife, and she too cried with me. Thank you! We both needed that cry to unwind! Now there is love in the air! (please do not use my name – CEO (Indian).

 “I have real enjoyed reading your article. In giving your personal examples and examples, we seem to know you more and more day by day” – Omani Senior Engineer – PDO.

 “Last week I was overseas on Official business and missed your article. Can you send me a copy or E-Mail me, please” – Senior Public Official.

 “If you know who reads your articles, you will faint!” – Ministry Senior Official.

 “I do not want to give you a big head, but yes, I do read your articles – they are very good, insightful and comes with a fresh air, nothing we are used too here. Where did you learn to write like that? – Very Senior Public Figure.

 “ I can guess you can call yourself as one of the good  writer now, from what I hear from others’ – grudgingly family member.

 “You know what. Stop this nonsense for working for others. Pay attention on your writings, there is definitely a future for you there” – Work Colleague (Omani).

 “Between Us Only, did you see the new car model?” – taunting family member on the subject (column).

 ” I do not like you quoting our family in your columns – because this is our life and for privacy. That is the main big issue between us – and it seems you do not want to understand and appreciate us on these things. You are supposed to be The Eldest and To Protect and Defend us – not to portray us for the whole outside world to know and see – Family Member (and not too keen either!).

“Please send me your last article by E-Mail, I missed it last week” – by many.

 “Do you really have to give us all the time your personal examples? We are tired reading about you” – Another Omani Senior Engineer – PDO!!

 One CEO (American) in one establishment had circulated one *article to all his Managers and Head of Departments as ‘compulsory’ reading, and had even reviewed his own Management style, despite already old on the job.

 “ I never realised that were Omanis who were such good prolifious writers, please keep up the good works to entertain us at least once in the week” – British CEO (anonymous please).

 “You are my best writer – you know me – but will not identify myself for now – because you might not like what you see – but will one day” – Cat Woman.

 “Please send me a copy of your articles before they are printed” – Black Rose.

“Can I have a copy of your article last week? Missed it, I was in France” – Business Entrepreneur.

 “Can you teach me how to write?” – young Indian  Girl Fan.

 “Actually I am a great fan of yours” – Omani Senior Journalist Personality.

 “There is more money for you if you translate your articles in Arabic” – Omani Journalist and columnist.

 The books arre available in Family, Borders and Turtles in Oman – and so far in UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) in Magrudys, Jashanamal and Borders soon.

I am STILL LOOKING for Finance Help and Assistance to launch them in The Rest of GCC and in The Middle East etc…

“ Mummy, is that the gentleman who writes in the Oman Daily Observer? Ask him!”, within earshot – young girl (Indian) to her Mum!