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Why I Like To Write?

March 30, 2010

For me, writing is just a hobby and pass-time. I had never planned and or imagined to make a career or life in it – and To Look For Money! If it comes well and good, if not it will be just my own tears to shed – and no one else.

So if anyone is taking great sadistic pleasure to ‘reign in on me and fix me for good’ you are just deluding yourself – and need to come down from your ‘high horse’ – and change your approaches to life  – your attitudes of being mean, vicious, condescending, patronizing, demeaning and belittling! You will not catch me there – even if you tried hard – though I admit I nearly fell in that trap after  experiencing a lot of rejections  and slaps in the face – and on top the same people that thought that they could push me around – and I would  turn the other cheek – or play dead!

Also those that are refusing to cover and support My Books – from Newspapers to Banks, to Establishments and to Public Domains too! I guess if I wrote on butterflies or rocks – or I was a Foreigner – and especially A Pretty one to look at – I would have got All the Support and Co operation that I needed – but not to me as a Local writing on sensitive delicate issues – hard hitting – and calling A Spade as A Spade approach.

Besides, people Do Not Want to hear or to be told The Truth – or for it to be told to others – and to push all the dirt under The Carpet – so to speak.  I am not cut that way – and Never Will Be!

Our late parents (peace be upon them) have brought us up never to lie – and Speak The Truth Always – and as is in our Family genes too!

My daughter Marwa (18) lectured me on seeing I am becoming frustrated and despondent on Life’s Giveth – and losing Faith, Confidence and Trust in Allah SWT – because He is The Sole Provider and Giver – even to those that are making a point to ‘show and fix me!’.

I thank Allah SWT from getting out of The Abyss and Precipice – ALR x 1001 times. (Thanks To Allah).

I have also to say this – I have been writing since I was 14 years old – from School Magazines to Company Magazines – and to National Newspapers. My First National Article ‘My Most Vivid Dream’ got me an Award when I was in Secondary School in Tanzania – and congratulated by The Aga Khan himself when he visited Tanzania. In this real dream, I become The President of The Country – and the ‘shock and awe’ that goes with the dream – and the position. I lost the copy after The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution of 1964.

I wrote many articles in PDO Al Fahal Magazine – two prominent ones were A New Outlook On Omanisation and Stray Thoughts On Traffic. Both these two articles were reproduced by The Times of Oman – where I used to be a ‘Free Contributor’ to The Weekly Magazine Column of Give Me A Break!

After the collapse of My Consultancy firm, I again stumbled into writing as a Regular Weekly Columnist to The Oman Daily Observer under the column titled Between Us Only! My first article was titled More Dangerous And Troubled Waters Ahead! – on April 23, 2003 – after the Iraq invasion.

In February 2005, I published my First Book – titled also after my column as Between Us Only! carrying all my articles to date. MB and PetroGas sponsored the publishing of My Book. The book was published in Oman by Al Nahda Printing Press LLC.

In November 2008, I published The Sequel – Between Us Only! after my First Book. It was published by Trafford in Canada.

This was followed by Short Takes – Between Us Only! in January 2009 – and as published by BookSurge – An Amazon Publishing Company Group in USA.

In May 2009 My First Management Book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Management Series was published by Trafford in Canada.

In February 2010, My Second Management Book – A Cry For Help! – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Management Series was published by Trafford in Canada and USA.

All the above books are available in Family Bookshops in Oman.

I am now writing My Sixth Book – Sinking Deeper! – No Money? No Honey – a Novel type narrating on all my Life’s experiences and episodes – all in one book. This is more of a novel of my life’s experiences – and on human beings foibles, wickedness, evilness, decadence, and malaise and everything bad and not good in life!

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Further Note (1)

When I was working in my old company, whenever I was upset or and annoyed, I used to put my misgivings in writing. Strangely I did that too MORE TIMES in compliments and congratulatory notes! But did anyone notice? (Bad things always predominate!)

Except for one or two European bosses who saw nothing wrong in my expressions in writings (instead of a vis-à-vis approach!), the rest looked it in ‘disdain and in disappointment’ – ended not even being read with comments like ‘he is at it again!

Now what is ‘your beef’, why don’t just come in the room and ‘talk it all over’. Those expatriate bosses knew my strength lay in writing in expressing myself. Some would even reply back in the same format!

When they left, and the positions were ‘Omanised’ (so to speak!), unfortunately my career took a dent because of all ‘these writing stuff’, and I had lost some good friends (some in high places too!) because of it!

I had read Animal Farm, so I should have been smarter in realizing ‘there was a change’ in the air! But do I learn from it all? You betcha – not at all! I keep repeating the rigmaroles and myself in the process and in final analysis! Anyway here is my story of today! That is why I am writing!

The question to ask oneself is this – should one get involved if one is far remotely involved in this issue? Should you make your opinion explicitly clear even if the issue does not concern you – directly, indirectly or remote inadvertently? Is it your business to get involved and interfere in things that do not concern you?

One of the fundamental teachings in our Religion is not to get involved in issues that do not concern you. Also if you have nothing nice to say about something to someone, or you personally do not like what that person is doing – it is none of your business to delve into and get involved into – then it is advisable and better still to detach yourself and just to keep quiet. That is preferred than opening your mouth and removing all doubt as to your standing and position, and the possible outcomes that may arise – either expectedly or inadvertently.

Before all that, one thing has to be said first and foremost. As a writer one has to be very careful when you write, especially as to ‘you as a writer is what you may think you are writing about the truth and facts (an expose!)’ – but in the process you may have hurt and annoyed quite a number of peoples that do not like what you have written.

Prefer it never came out in print! Certainly, even if there could be some grain of truth in what you write, but they did not it to be known or to be said. ‘Push the dirt under the carpet’ or ‘why wash your dirty linen in public’? Or ‘people in glass houses should not throw stones’ (or undress only in the dark’ with a twist of dry humour!)

When you annoy and hurt powerful and influential peoples, the least it can be said is that you are landing yourself ‘into very serious problems’. The preferred option was that you had not written about it, and nobody else did know. Who appointed you to tell others? And who are you anyway? (Did you notice that as a supposed writer, you can and are allowed to start a sentence with an ‘And’ – my old poor Grammar Teacher – she will surely turn in her grave if she ever came to know what had happened to her student now!)?

Guess I have had some E-Mails with some saying – Mr. M, we like the way you write about things First Hand experiences mainly, and with a lot of feelings and emotions too. How come we have never heard or seen your writings before?

To tell you the truth ending up in writing was something I never planned or imagined, ended on it all by ‘twists and turns of fate’ – the ironies of it all! I have always been that kind of person who finds it more easier, calmer and more comfortable to write to express myself, more than vocal!

Gemini born like I? You know, they say that those born under the star of Gemini like myself, have split personalities – there is both the good and bad in each. Sometimes the good wins, sometimes the bad – sometimes they are equal and wipe each other out – so no points!  I thought that had applied to everyone, why should Gemini peoples be special?. They just say – you Gemini? Now I understand!

Then there are others (including Friends and Relatives – and Family too!) that say – You are always talking about others that have been bad? When are you going to talk about yourself, and let the whole world know?  Or why do you write about us in The Family for the whole world to read and know?

There are some that ‘proudly  proclaim and tell other peoples that are ‘ready to listen’ –  ‘I do not read his articles, because I do not want him even to write – and or to upset or embarrass us!’ Embarrass?? But then they are not alone in thinking like this!

One of my ‘local Directors’ then never read what I wrote! ‘My Office is only a few yards away, just walk off your fat and see me’, he used to tell me. Though 95% of the time he was away and not available in meetings!

Salt over injury, he used to add ‘I sort by Sender. Anything yours is deleted!’. The job used to suffer too because of his attitude and approach, but did he care? No, E-Mails and correspondences of M are to be deleted only! That is it!

One day he was caught with his ‘pants rally down’ because I passed an important Corporate Message that was sent to me from abroad by error – but was intended for him. It was a public degradation and humiliation for him – and if it were in other countries to Oman? He would have lost his job!

Thanks for Not Reading Majid’s Mails!!


Further Note (2)

The New Book – Sinking Deeper (A Novel)

One of the people that I greatly admire is Gandhi. On the subject this is what he said – You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. He further said – I look only to the good qualities of men. Not being faultless myself, I won’t presume to probe into the faults of others.

Now that I have more time on my hands, I am contemplating and in the process of writing up my Sixth Book narrating my Life’s experiences and episodes all in one book. This is more of a novel of my life’s experiences – and on human beings foibles, wickedness, evilness, decadence, and malaise and everything bad and not good in life!

A good friend had told me – Majid you authored 5 books – and 2 in Management. There are enough stories, narrations and episodes there where you can write about your Life’s History – and as a guide and beacon to humanity.

You are a brilliant intelligent person with many ideas, views and outpoints that make people sit up and take notice – even on issues that they know already all about and have even experienced and have been exposed to – but they did not think it like that until you came along – and either told them directly stemming from your character and personality of being forthcoming and straight forward and in sincerity, feeling, warmth and genuineness – or by subtle hints that you can sometimes switch to in unfamiliar terrain and grounds!

Write a book on your life’s experiences and encounters. Remember books on ‘Relationships’ aspects sell well in the world now (like The Chinese girl who wrote her sadness and bitterness of being taken out of school – though she was doing well and better than her brothers (they were left to continue!) – And the book was translated in 13 Major Languages and sold millions world-wide.

Who would ever have thought that a diary of a Chinese girl could reach this far? Thanks to the ingenuity and innovation of her Mother who felt sorry for her daughter – and had given her book to a visiting French Book Agent – a streak of break and opportunity unexpected that had cropped in!

Or Obama step brother writing about his Father (Obama’s too) on their Father and his alcoholism and being a brutal molesting father!

Or Anne Frank – The Young Writer Who Told The World Her Story – who became one of the most prominent victims of the Holocaust when the diary she kept for two years while in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam was found after the war and was published – followed by a Film winning an Emmy Award. She died in a 1945 typhus epidemic at Bergen-Belsen – but the exact date is unknown.

Yet still we have the Lady Author of The Harry Porter series, whose works were rejected as ‘witchcraft’ – and is now as rich as The Queen Elizabeth of UK! Or the Beatles songs were rejected as too loud – or the Home PC idea will not ever take off – and the rest is History!

This will be a real tell all thing. Call a spade a spade thing!



Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman.

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March 30, 2010

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