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CV (Resume) – Majid Al Suleimany

 September 11, 2010



 A       Objective 

A highly experienced and qualified Omani National, British educated and systems trained to Post Graduate levels and with over 25 (Twenty Five) years experiences and exposures in Senior positions in all aspects of Human Resources Management, HRD – HR Development, T & D – Training & Development, and Management in the largest Oman Oil Company Petroleum Development Oman – PDO – (Exploration and Production) – with 700,000 bpd and over 5000 Staff.  He was directly responsible for over 900 Staff, both at National and at International levels and with a direct budget control of US Dollars 12 million yearly.

In addition, over 10 (Ten) years experiences and exposures in Human Resources and in Management Consultancy and being directly responsible for various New Start Ups Projects (both for Local and International Companies in Oman) in The Oil and Gas, Services, Manufacturing, Consultancy, Power Generation, Utility, Property Development and other sectors.

Has also been directly involved and responsible for various Studies, Projects and Research works – including some that had won International Awards (Shell International Petroleum Company).

 B       Educational Qualifications 

v  Executive Programme MBA in International Management from University of Lincolnshire and Humberside in the UK – 2003.

v   Business Planning and Ownership – Royal Society of Arts and Oxford Cambridge University – U.K. – 1999.

v   Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Studies – Personnel Management – UK 1976.

 C       Personal Information.

Nationality          Omani.

Sex                       Male

Marital Status    Married

Hobbies              Reading; Writing; Correspondence; Films; Television; Documentaries; Internet; Information Technology; Travel; Meeting and Making Friends.

 D       Languages and Proficiency Levels. 

v  English (*Fluent)

v  Arabic (Good)

v  Swahili (Good

v  Hindi (Basics).

v  * British educated and trained.                                        

E       Relevant Courses, Training and Development.

Have attended several In-House and on the job local courses, including various Overseas Professional, Specialist and Management Courses, Conferences and Seminars. A Full List can be provided; if required. 


F.01  Current Job 

Management and Human Resources Expert, Advisor and Consultant – April 2009 to present (Various Projects in Oman). 

F.02  Previous Jobs 

v  Human Resources Manager – Property Development Project (6 months).

v   Corporate Human Resources Manager – Oil Drilling Company (3 months).

v   Human Resources Advisor – Majis Industrial Services (MISC – Utility Sector) - 7 months.

v   Associate HR Expert and Consultant – Ajyal-HR Consultancy  (Management) – 7 months

v  Recruitment Specialist / Head of Recruitment Project Team – (Head Project Team) – Mazoon Electricity Company – MZEC (Utility Sector)

v  HR Expert / Consultant – Head Project Team – Majan Electricity Company  – MJEC (Utility Sector) – 9 months 

v  Human Resources and Management Consultant – Head HR Project Team – Management Services – Training and Consultancy – MAS-TRAC - Feb 2006 to Present

v  Human Resources and Administration Manager (Oman Region) – Smith Services International (USA) – United Engineering Services (UES) – Manufacturing & Oil Services – May 2005 to January 2006

v  Human Resources Specialist and Advisor – Sohar Refinery Company (Oil and Gas – New State Refinery Company) – March 2004 to April 2005

v  Training Analyst – IRSHAD – UAE – 8 months. 

F.03  Projects Undertaken Post PDO and under MMDC. 

v  Owner (MD) Management and Marketing Development Consultancy (MMDC) – January 1999 – March 2003.

v  Head Project Team – HR and Management Consultant -Oman Telecommunications Company (OMANTEL).

v  HR and Management Consultant – Amouage Perfumery Company

v  HR and Management Consultant – Centre for British Teachers.

v  HR and Management Consultant – Several Small Start Up Companies (local)

v  HR and Management Consultant – have participated with others in sub-contract sub-lease basis for many Human Resources Projects for Companies mainly in the Oil and Gas Sector. 

F.04  Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) – 25 (Twenty Five) years in total – – Oil and Gas Sector. 

v  Senior Resourcing and Development Advisor – SRDA – May 1992 to June 1998.

v  Human Resources Services Senior Supervisor – April 1987 to April 1992

v  Training and Development Analyst – April 1982 to March 1987.

v  Organisation Analyst  – April 1981 to March 1982

v  Personnel Planning and Development. Analyst – April 1979 to March 1981

v  Policy, Research, Remuneration & Job Classification Analyst – April 1977 to  March 1979

v  Company sponsored HND Course in England – September 1974 to July 1976

v  Development Trainee – Supply Department (Logistics) February 1974 to August 1974.


G.01 Talents and Achievements.

 v  Performed and executed several Senior Management  and Human Resources  Jobs, Roles and Responsibilities

v  Experiences and Exposures of 25 years in The Oil and Gas Sector (Oman (PDO) and in The UAE).

v  Plus 10 years in other Sectors like Manufacturing, Utilities, Services, Consultancy, Research, Development, Studies, Projects and Strategies.

v  Contributed successfully and significantly in Human Resources and in Management aspects of many Projects including New Start up Projects.

v  Including various that were National Prestigious Blue Chips Projects.

v  Including Corporate Business Strategies (HR) and Business Plans.

v  Conducted various Studies, Research and Projects – including some that had won International Awards including Best Project Award Shell Worldwide. .

v  Recognised and acknowledged as one of the few Expert Omani National Human Resources Professionals and Experts (Consultant) in Oman.

v  Dealing with Multi-National, Multi-Ethnic Staff and The Group Company Global Different Countries of The World (From the Gulf, Europe, Africa, and Far East, USA, Australia etc (The Shell Group and Other Groups).

v  Responsible for handling such HR projects in excess of US Dollars 300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand).

v  Authorised Company Finance Signatory – Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) – (Second Level to US Dollars 500,000) for Payments to Companies and US Dollars 50,000 for PDO Staff Payments.

v  Direct controller and responsible of a Training and Development Budget of US Dollars 12 million in last position in Training and Development in PDO.

v  Awarded Best Business Project Award Intilaqaah and Shell Oman.

v  Author of 5 Five books – 2 in Management – please see for more details and information.

v  Recognised Famed Free Lance Weekly Columnist in The Oman English Daily (Oman Observer) on many topics including Management and Human Resources

v  Friendly, efficient and pro-active customer and client relations.

v  Working equally well in on own initiative or in a group.

v  Highly open, adaptable and flexible to any given situation.

v  An achiever and with a win-win drive and ambition.

v  Capability to identify proactively problems and with equitably practical solutions.

v   An aptitude for creativity and also have a continuous desire and drive to keep learning and to improvise.

v   Evolving and organising a system.

v   Continuous learning and exposures to latest technologies and innovations related to job aspects and related.

v   Keen to ensure successful completion of assigned jobs, deadlines, tasks and targets.

v   Quality Management focus and outlook.

G.02 Jobs Related Functions 

v  British educated and trained – and in systems.

v  Guiding, Mentoring, Counseling and Coaching for Omani Graduates Development Intake Programme.

v  T & D – Training and Development

v  HRD – Human Resources Development

v  HRP – Human Resources Planning.

v  Developing and Reviewing Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manuals.

v  Developing and Structuring and Writing Job Descriptions / Job Classifications.

v  Developing Organisation Structures and Re-structuring.

v  Job Description and Evaluation using HAY methodology and preparing Grading and Salary Structures.

v  Advisory and Counseling on Sensitive and Confidential aspects job related.

v  Designing and Developing HR Processes, Forms and Documents.

v  Talents, Skills and Competencies Management and Developing Omanisation programmes

v   Omani Graduates Intake Programmes and Development.

v  Mentoring, Coaching, Guiding and Mentoring.

v  Designing and Developing Omanisation Plans.

v  Recruitment – Selection and ESS (Executive Search & Selection)

v  Advising on Management and Human Resources Issues and Aspects.

v  The latest technologies, sciences, innovation, concepts and ingenuities in Management and Human Resources. 

G.03           Memberships.

v  Top Management and Board Member Advisory Team in several companies and as linked to the job.

v  Member of The Think Tank Team, Systems Custodian and the Main Budget Holder and Executor (over USA 18 Million per year).

v  Member of PDO Omanisation Steering Committee.

v  Member of PDO Security and Safety Committee Member.

v  Member of PDO Recruitment Committee (in conjunction with Shareholders).