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A Cry For Help! Book Now Registered in USA!

A Cry For Help! Book Now Registered in USA!

Dear All & After Compliments; 

Due to the ‘sensitivities’ especially in the A Cry For Help! Book – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Management Series – please note that The Publishers Trafford USA have now registerd The Book and Copyrights under USA Patents and Regulations both in ‘protection of The Book and The Author’ – and to stop any copyrights infringements that were not prevented by my earlier books contraventions – especially the first Management one  – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – where Oman copyrights were applied. 

Just For Your Information and Records. This will indicate to you the ‘storm and the sensitivities’ behind the book world-wide! 

The book is now protected and preserved internationally – and a copy has been put in The USA Senate – Congress and USA Literary Governmental and NGO Organisations and Institutions – including those of UN. 

Best Wishes and Regards, 

Majid Al Suleimany