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October 16th 2010

A – Added More New Comments

Dear Majid, 

I have read some paragraphs of your writing and you have grasped the skills. Now you need to shift to the positive side in your discussion. 

As you know Majid that we are all brothers and sisters, children of Adam and Eve and perfection is only for Allah. We have glories and shortfall, happiness and sadness, easy and difficult time, joy and sufferings and from all of these we continue to live. Imagine having only one side of life like easy life, it will result into weak heart and die earlier.

Suffering, make our hearts stronger and enjoy long life, not mention the reward in eternity as Hassanah.

 Wish you good life and Happy Eid. 

Regards, Omani GM


Congratulations! My Best Wishes For You!

Dear Majid

Thank you for your kind good wishes. I have been blessed to work with great people for the last 8 years. Words cannot express my appreciation at receiving this honor.

I also remember my happy years in PDO, during the 80s, when I had the pleasure of working with you.

With Kind Regards and Best Wishes

John Malcolm – Managing Director – Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).

September 23rd 2010.




Omani Artist


 Majid – You really talk deeply and with great understanding to human nature. You are lucky to be you! – and every word you say is making great sense. I really think you are smarter than doing an Office work only – Omani IT Head.


 Great experience and thoughts – We need more few people like you spreading such thoughts and standing on change – All the best – Omani Senior Engineer


May Allah smooth our life brother .. It will really goes to worse when it come to chasing someone for pending payments as people are not trusted by creditability but by how much you can pay!!! I don’t  know what to say, but anything I can help with? – Omani Oil Engineer



Indeed, I doubt if we will ever see (in my life time) another person like you with such these qualities.

Regards – Omani Senior Engineer.


Most welcome,,  

Yes I know that by time being. I believe that everybody can make his/her life either happy or sad. It is choice and if the Fatalism comes we have to be patient

I can make my happiness by myself dependence on ALLAH.  

And I am happy that I make your day 

Wish you happily – Omani Executive Secretary


Thanks Majid,  For all your kind words and support – when I needed it most! :)Omani Lady Public Media Head..


Hi and Salam Aleikum
Everyone is depressed nowadays. You are not alone! People have problems and they cry without tears and suffer in silence. If whatever you see or hear destroys your mood, believe me you will not be able to live happy in this world anymore. Just watch, see, reflect , ignore and move on.

Of course many things remind us of our past or even our mistakes we have committed  – yet we overlook and move ahead. Majid you won’t believe what is happening around us to people we trust and know very well. And do you see them drooping? No ,not all they pretend as nothing has happen.

You are lucky you have a loving family and a caring wife to go to at night, someone to share with you all the troubles and stand by you for better or for worse. Be strong and face whatever Allah has planned for you.

Everything comes for a reason. So long as you are alive one day  He will open his doors for you. He is always there for us but He doesn’t tell us when Rehma will come to us.
Majid your mother is RADHI with you for sure. Parents especially mothers don’t want any material from their children. they want love and care and you gave to the best of your ability. Now she is gone, she needs duas and children’s blessings.

Best Wishes and be strong and positive!

Omani Lady Fan (Friend)



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** A genuinely pleasurable blog and outstanding article. I expend days on the online reading blogs, about tons of distinct subjects. I must 1st of all give kudos to whoever designed your web-site and 2nd of all to you for writing what i can only describe as an publish. I honestly feel there is a talent to writing article content that only a number of posses and frankly you may have it. The blend of informative and high-quality content material is unquestionably tremendously rare together with the huge amount of weblogs about the web.

** Plus so many more!


 I will never forget your kindness and support to me. You are my brother. I wanted to tell you about my new job as I feel good. Wish you that Allah SWT (God) Protect you and your family and give Barakat (Blessings) to everything you do – Amin –  (Omani Lady ex work peer – Executive Secretary)